Is A Blogger and A Journalist the Same Thing?

Source: arstechnia

“No US court has yet weighed in with authority on the debate about whether bloggers count as journalists, but the recent federal decision from South Carolina does indicate that at least some bloggers are journalists. It’s not about the title, it’s about the content, said Judge Henry Hurlong, Jr.; a journalist turns out to be anyone who does journalism, and bloggers who do so have the same rights and privileges under federal law as the “real” journalists.”


Paying Some Bills Today

We had some money come in and it’s always nice to get a few bill paid off. Paid the whole credit card off in one shot our Capital One card. I appreciate now that not carrying a balance is the best way to go with a credit card. We have two credit cards we are still paying off and will be done soon. The new Capital One card only has a $300 limit and that is about all I need. If I can get them to freeze it at $300 I think I will. It’s need for online stuff especially, though I do use it offline as well, but no more cards with a $3,000 limit. No way! $300 is quite fine thank you. We also paid a water bill. It sucks that our building is rated commercial and we pay the commercial water rate and we live here and haven’t even gotten a tub/shower installed yet. Most of our drinking water is bottled. Those 18.9 litre bottles. So we are using little water and paying commercial rates. Oh, well, it’s not our building. that’s just one of those things. I work at the library this afternoon so if I see any interesting news stories to post links to I will update the blog from there. bye!

CD of the Day 09

My top pick for this CD is: One Woman Man.

Gadget of the Day 09

Available from Hammacher. “belt-driven turntable that converts and saves your prized vinyl LPs to MP3 format directly to a 5th Generation iPod® or 2nd Generation Nano® connected to its built-in dock.”

It currently sells for $259.95 USD. If you have a lot of records you wan to convvert to digital quickly I don’t think I can think of a easier way to do it.

National Geographic Video of the Day 09


Photo of the Day 09

Cute Cat of the Day 06

funny cat pictures & lolcats - don�t talk to me  i hasn�t had mah coffee