Gadget of the Day 01

cardboard speakers

Portable and completely foldable cardboard speakers for jamming to on the road. These would really slip into your backpack or suitcase easy. A plastic zipper bag is essential just for safety’s sake of course. Water will not be a good thing for your cardboard speakers! You can buy them from MUJI and today they are listing for $40.57 USA/ $39.63 CAD.


5 Responses

  1. adorable. must have them.

  2. […] As seen on Blogkast…gadget of the day Uh, how cute are these? […]

  3. what’s the wattage on these things?

  4. Good question! I am curious myself . . . .

  5. No mention of wattage on any of the several sites selling these speakers. They all say they’re perfect for travel, though.

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