Back Up Your PC W/P2P

Source: PC World

“Here’s how it works: You sign up at and download the Zoogmo backup software. During installation, the Zoogmo wizard scans your hard disk and marks the usual candidates for backup (My Documents, Desktop, emails, favorites, music, and more). You can change Zoogmo’s choices and mark additional files individually or with a file type mask. Then you tell Zoogmo to invite your friend to sign up. After your friend signs up and installs the software, each of you allocates the amount of space you choose for the other’s backups, on your hard drive, an external drive, or even a flash disk.”

“Zoogmo encrypts your files on your computer and then sends them across the Internet to your friend’s computer, where they remain encrypted. One drawback of this system is that if your Zoogmo software gets hosed or Zoogmo itself is unavailable, you can’t retrieve those backup files. Zoogmo’s CEO told me that the company is examining ways to enable self-restoration of encrypted files.”


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