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“TORONTO — YouTube is setting up shop in Canada.

The world’s most popular video-sharing website has launched a new Canadian version — — which went live Monday night. At a morning press conference, company officials said the new Canadian site is designed to promote Canadian-generated content. Videos posted by Canadians will appear in the “featured videos” and “promoted videos” sections of the site.”

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Top Ten Online Flash Games

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Bejeweled, Chimgam, Bow Man, Desktop Tower Defense, Neopets Hasee Bounce, Line Rider, The Last Stand, Portal, The Helicopter Game and YetiSports.

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Radiohead Fans, 62% Paid Nothing

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“Just 38 percent of Radiohead fans paid for the latest album, according to data recently supplied by comScore. The band allowed fans to name their price for the downloadable release, In Rainbows, a closely-watched experiment. While most fans grabbed the album for nothing, a significant percentage paid modest amounts. According to the data, 17 percent paid an average of $4 for the album, while 12 percent paid between $8 and $12.”

CD of the Day 13

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Cute Cat of the Day 10

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