Zune 2 Near You

Walt Mossberg and the New Zune:
My take on Zune 2? A lot of positive reports coming in about the 2nd generation Zunes, of course no one is saying they are on par with an iPod . . . yet. Personally, I think by 3rd and 4th generation Zune will have com along way. Look back at 1st and 2nd generation iPod’s, nothing like today’s and neither will today’s Zune’s be anythin like a Zune 5 years from now. At least the Zune now has podcast support.


Gadget of the Day 17

For about $350 USD you can get a Japanese robot kitty that is very life like. Click here for the action video!

Gadget of the Day 16

If your are a child of the 80’s this will appeal to your inner-retro! i can fondly recall making mix tapes and this although not compact as a thumb drive has oodles of retro hipness. Comes in black or white and it has a 1GB capacity, it will cost about $40.

Gadget of the Day 15


“Optimal Media Production’s vinyl/CD hybrid, which is just like a normal CD except that on the top, it has vinyl grooves etched in. Place a VinylDisc on your turntable, drop the needle at the start of the track, and you’ll hear up to 3.5 minutes of music at 33 RPM.”

Gadget of the Day 14


“Targus Flexible Mobile Keyboard might be for you as it’s a roll-up silicone-covered USB-based keyboard . . . completely covered by the silcone shell — germophobes might prefer to wash this Flexible Mobile Keyboard anyways, which you can do with water or alcohol.”

Gadget of the Day 13

Gadget of the Day 12