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Friday Oct. 26, 2007 Zune Free Music Friday


Radiohead Rumours

The New York Times is reporting about Radiohead that they are “close to signing a series of deals to release its next album independently and leave the major record companies behind. The band is expected to market the album internationally through the British label XL Recordings, according to people briefed on the band’s plans.”

New York Times

More Tax On Legal Canadian Downloads


“The tariffs, to be charged to iTunes and other companies that distribute music over the Internet, adds three cents to the cost of individual songs that now sell for about 99 cents, and 1.5 cents per track for downloaded albums.”

“For temporary music sales, such as songs that erase themselves after a pre-determined period, stores will pay 5.7% of the selling price, with a minimum of 54.8 cents per subscriber per month.”

I am not going to cancel my iMesh subscription any time soon but I do have Frostwire installed on my computer.

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eMusic Update

Ok, I have picked 40 songs. Of course, I knew eMusic is a lot of indie stuff, but I did pick 40 songs from 2 artists I happen to like a lot. Barenaked Ladies and Dwight Yoakum. Here is the 40 songs I snagged for free. Thank you eMusic and DLTV.

eMusic Experiment

I am giving the emusic free trial a go. They offer 25 free MP3’s to keep even if you cancel before the trial ends. Since I used the promo code DLTV I get 40 to pick from. I will update you on what I think. I will be comparing emusic’s subscription buy plan with iMesh’s subscription rental plan.emusic/DLTV


Radiohead Numbers

Reports vary somewhat on the results of the Radiohead “name your own price” experiment. The Seminal offers that Radiohead sold about $10 million-worth of downloads, and that the average price paid per album was anywhere from $6-$8 resulting in revenue anywhere from $6-10 Million dollars. However many people still got the downloads from P2P and or BitTorrent, preferring not to regester and or use a credit card for the nominal credit card transaction fee, ( the c.c. fee was charged even if you set your price to free.)

Radiohead is not officially disclosing numbers.

Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Stratocaster

For $17, 000 USD you will be able to buy a limited edition “Lenny” Stratocaster from a Guitar Center location near you. The Fender Custom Shop will be replicating the original “Lenny” down to the smallest detail in tribute of SRV.

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