RIAA Demands Universities Subscribe…or Else!

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The RIAA is demanding Universities stop all P2P activity that the RIAA doesn’t like on campus and subscribe to the likes of Napster or Rhaspody or lose Federal financial funding.

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Government Says P2P Users Buy More CD’s

Source: Micheal Geist

“A newly study commissioned by Industry Canada, which includes some of the most extensive surveying to date of the Canadian population on music purchasing habits, finds what many have long suspected (though CRIA has denied) – there is a positive correlation between peer-to-peer downloading and CD purchasing. The Impact of Music Downloads and P2P File-Sharing on the Purchase of Music: A Study For Industry Canada was conducted collaboratively by two professors from the University of London, Industry Canada, and Decima Research, who surveyed over 2,000 Canadians on their music downloading and purchasing habits. “


Jammie Thomas and The RIAA


“My family have been my most staunch supporters through this entire situation. My parents even helped me secure a loan for the retainer money for my attorney when this first started. All of my family wanted to be at the courthouse during the trial, but after I saw the news articles that happened the day before the trial started, I asked them to stay away, to try and shield them from what I was about to go through.”

“After I was contacted by the RIAA, I started researching these cases hoping to find answers to why this was happening and what I could do to stop it. I came across websites that would become one some of the biggest assistant in my own case. These site are Recording Industry vs. The People, a blog written by an attorney, Mr. Ray Beckerman, who handles similar cases in New York, and p2pnet.net. It is also because of Mr. Beckerman I was able to find Mr. Brian Toder, my attorney in Minnesota.”

“I brought my computer into Best Buy for repairs on March 7, 2005. Remember, I brought it in for repairs under the extended warranty, not to have the hard drive replaced. And if anyone who has used a large chain electronic store to repair their electrical equipment knows, these companies do not replace hard drives on the whim of the customer if they have to pay for the hard drive replacement covered under warranty. They try to do whatever is cheaper for the company, which normally means fixing the issues with the hard drive. With my hard drive, the issues couldn’t be fixed so Best Buy, not me but Best Buy, made the decision to replace the hard drive.”

“I was found liable of copyright infringement without the plaintiffs having to prove I downloaded anything, without having to prove I was aware of any file sharing taking place on my computer or within my home, without having to prove I owned a copy of KaZaa, without having to prove any files were shared with anyone from my computer and without having to prove who was on the computer the night of February 21, 2005.”

jammie thomas and kids

These are some of the highlights I picked out. These are Jamie’s own words. Click the link at the top of the post to read the whole thing on P2pnet.net

CRIA iPod Levy Update

Source: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/2334/125/

“The Federal Court of Appeal on Friday granted CRIA’s request to intervene in the private copying/iPod levy judicial review, a case that openly reveals the divisions between CRIA and the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CRIA is on the board of CPCC but the CPCC objected to its intervention request). ”

“CRIA was therefore added to the case and given permission to file a 15 page memo and spend 20 minutes of argument on issues surrounding the digital audio recorders and whether they qualify as a medium for the purposes of the Copyright Act. Its claims about private copying and the legality of peer-to-peer downloading will have to wait for another day.”

Back Up Your PC W/P2P

Source: PC World

“Here’s how it works: You sign up at zoogmo.com and download the Zoogmo backup software. During installation, the Zoogmo wizard scans your hard disk and marks the usual candidates for backup (My Documents, Desktop, emails, favorites, music, and more). You can change Zoogmo’s choices and mark additional files individually or with a file type mask. Then you tell Zoogmo to invite your friend to sign up. After your friend signs up and installs the software, each of you allocates the amount of space you choose for the other’s backups, on your hard drive, an external drive, or even a flash disk.”

“Zoogmo encrypts your files on your computer and then sends them across the Internet to your friend’s computer, where they remain encrypted. One drawback of this system is that if your Zoogmo software gets hosed or Zoogmo itself is unavailable, you can’t retrieve those backup files. Zoogmo’s CEO told me that the company is examining ways to enable self-restoration of encrypted files.”

Forthcoming Canadian Copyright Bill

Source: Micheal Geist

“No big surprises here – the bill is coming, it may be Industry rather than Heritage that leads, the bill will include DMCA-style provisions (the “legal measures for rights holders”), ISPs will get their safe harbour, and the government may try to curry favour with the provinces with an Internet exception for education. The inclusion of consumer interests is noteworthy – I’ve argued that the government must surely include a strong consumer package to generate popular support for the bill and this is the first indication that the bill might include such provisions.”

Micheal Geist

Canadian DMCA?

Micheal Geist is reporting “This suggests – consistent with most speculation – that a DMCA-style bill could be coming to Canada within a matter of weeks.”

Source: http://www.michaelgeist.ca