XM and Sirius Approve Merger

Digital Music News

“The near-unanimous green lights emerged from both camps, and predate critical regulatory decisions by both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the US Department of Justice. Most expect imminent action ahead, possibly by year-end, though approvals are hardly guaranteed.”


Time Says iPhone Invention of Year

Source: Time.com


1. The iPhone is pretty
2. It’s touchy-feely
3. It will make other phones better
4. It’s not a phone, it’s a platform
5. It is but the ghost of iPhones yet to come

Is A Blogger and A Journalist the Same Thing?

Source: arstechnia

“No US court has yet weighed in with authority on the debate about whether bloggers count as journalists, but the recent federal decision from South Carolina does indicate that at least some bloggers are journalists. It’s not about the title, it’s about the content, said Judge Henry Hurlong, Jr.; a journalist turns out to be anyone who does journalism, and bloggers who do so have the same rights and privileges under federal law as the “real” journalists.”

The Future of Thumb Drives

Source: wired.com

” A thumb drive using our memory could store a terabyte of information,” says Michael Kozicki, director of ASU’s Center for Applied Nanoionics, which developed the technology. “All the current limitations in portable electronic storage could go away. You could record video of every event in your life and store it.”

How Do They Limit Bandwidth?

A lot of ISP’s use Sandvine to control and or limit bandwidth to their customers. What is Sandvine? Here is their website info about their products.

“Report of P2P traffic Reduces transit costs by keeping subscriber P2P traffic within the service provider’s network. Reorganize Improves the subscriber experience through enhanced P2P performance.

Don’t Go Krackin’!

Under the guise of a P2P/social network Krackin’ is about to be spammed to the masses. It’s actually something called storm, and is in reality a bot network used for DDOS attacks and spamming. Parts of it’s network is currently being offered for sale. Stay away!

Storm Botnet For Sale


Ubuntu 7.10 Released

Gutsy Gibbon as it’s called. I have tried Ubuntu in the past, but it was on a used computer we bought for $60 from the school that had an old version of Red Hat on it. I am not sure if I want to dual boot with our current XP computer. The only reason I tried Ubuntu was because I had to. The old computer wouldn’t take XP. Anyway, here’s a link to the iso download if your curious. Ubuntu 7.10