Canadian Music Chain Closes

ET Canada

“Music World, the last Canadian-owned national music store chain, is under bankruptcy protection and will close its stores, the latest victim of a rapidly changing music business.

But the move does not signal the end for the company, said Music World president Kai Voigt in a telephone interview with CanWest News Service.

There will be a change in direction, said Voigt, one of the new owners, indicating that there will be a shift toward more of an online presence. “That is a component.””


CRIA Private Copying Collective

Source: Micheal Geist

“Tuesday November 13, 2007
Readers of this blog will recall that CRIA broke from the Canadian Private Copying Collective earlier this fall by seeking leave to intervene in a federal court case where it will oppose the expansion of the private copying levy. CRIA identified seven objections to the Copyright Board’s iPod levy decision, but the federal court ruled that it didn’t want to hear those arguments. Instead, it granted CRIA leave to intervene on the condition that it limit its argument to the core issue before the court.

CRIA has just submitted its brief and it would appear that the judge’s ruling did not make much of an impression. Virtually all the issues CRIA raised in its initial request to intervene are back including claims that the private copying levy would violate Canada’s international trade obligations and that the private copying levy will kill the digital music market (CRIA argues that “no service can compete with something that is free”). It also argues that the Copyright Board was wrong to say that without the expansion of the levy it would “instantly make the conduct of millions of Canadians illegal, and even possibly criminal”, noting that making private copies could not be a criminal offense in Canada.”


“That Anne Girl!” Again . . .

Canadian television network CTV is set to produce a new Anee of Green Gable movie called “Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning” which is set to air in 2008. Shirley Maclaine is set to portray a character named Amelia Evans, originally played by Canadian Jackie Burroughs in the original 1985 Anne of Green Gables miniseries on CBC. The movie also includes Barbara Hershey as the adult Anne Shirley and Hannah Endicott-Douglas as the young one.

Forthcoming Canadian Copyright Bill

Source: Micheal Geist

“No big surprises here – the bill is coming, it may be Industry rather than Heritage that leads, the bill will include DMCA-style provisions (the “legal measures for rights holders”), ISPs will get their safe harbour, and the government may try to curry favour with the provinces with an Internet exception for education. The inclusion of consumer interests is noteworthy – I’ve argued that the government must surely include a strong consumer package to generate popular support for the bill and this is the first indication that the bill might include such provisions.”

Micheal Geist