Ok, I Did Some Work

Yeah I got some house cleaning did yesterday. The bedroom and most of the living room. I don’t work until 1 PM today so I have time for more cleaning. After I deliver the newspapers in the morning, yes winter is going to be cold and I will hate it, I have 5-6 hours off until I work again in the afternoon. Hey, here is another photo I just like. Bye!

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Get Something Done!

Okay, it’s just after 9AM and I don’t work until 2PM. I need to get something done, like the never ending cleaning project called our house. I am going to put on the CD of the Day, drink copious amounts of coffee and do it! I hope . . . .

City Trip and Cleaning

Darlene is going into the city, hopefully to pick up some money, and I will “try” to do some cleaning before I go into work at the library today.