Gadget of the Day 16
If your are a child of the 80’s this will appeal to your inner-retro! i can fondly recall making mix tapes and this although not compact as a thumb drive has oodles of retro hipness. Comes in black or white and it has a 1GB capacity, it will cost about $40.


Gadget of the Day 13

Gadget of the Day 12

Word From Dick

I emailed Dick DeBartolo from theĀ  Daily Giz Whiz with a suggestion for a gadget, never thinking he would write back anyway, but he did! Of course, they already covered it but I will keep looking for gadgets and next time, do a DGW search before I send him a suggestion. Anyway here is a link to his site, Daily Giz Wiz. Below is his email reply.

Hi David:

Yep, we know about it. Did it in July.

Thanks for writing.

Dick De

While I was posting this Dick already sent me another email reply! Nice chatting to you Dick.

A guy in Poland named Ludwick came up with an amazing program to find anything on the Daily GizWiz.

It’s on the opening of my website under helpful ways to find things on the DGW.

Take care
Dick De

Gadget of the Day 01

cardboard speakers

Portable and completely foldable cardboard speakers for jamming to on the road. These would really slip into your backpack or suitcase easy. A plastic zipper bag is essential just for safety’s sake of course. Water will not be a good thing for your cardboard speakers! You can buy them from MUJI and today they are listing for $40.57 USA/ $39.63 CAD.