Gadget of the Day 07

This gadget is a perfect way to control your computer hands free. For example, when your playing guitar along with a tab on the screen and you have to scroll down to kepp up with the chords and or tab but you want to keep playing guitar. I know of this well, not always wanting to print out every song I want to try playing along with. here is a link to the official site. There is a lot of reasons why you need this and they list them all on their site but in brief here are the specs.

* Windows 98E, Me, 2000, XP and Vista; Apple Mac OS X10.3 and later
* USB Port
* Optical mouse resolution: 800 DPI
* Powered by user-friendly Neuratron Software
* 1.16 MB hard drive space
* 200,000 times of button click guaranteed
* Actuation force of button: 500 grams
* Our friendly foot mouse can work independently or jointly with other hand mice or input devices.
* Beautiful mouse and pedal cases coated with quality “leather” paint
* Bright color buttons help people easily see them under desk or in the dark whenever necessary
* 15.5″X11″ big FREE mouse mat
* Cable length:

– Pedal cable: 67″

– Slipper cable: 32″


Gadget of the Day 06

Don’t be left in the dark anymore! For those who wear glasses, like myself, these are handy gadgets indeed. Lightweight and bright long lasting LED lights mounted to each side of your glasses arms, now you get stay up late or get up early and not bother other’s who are still sleeping. Lot’s of practical applications. Hands free light source. Click here to buy.