Guitar Play Along CD of the Day

George Strait on Country Tabs



Re-Did Firmware

I was a little upset that my sansa e250 stopped playing my iMesh subscription music. I connect it every 2-3 days so it’s always update. My subscription fees are auto paid by my credit card which always has room on it. I tried re-installing WMP11 and still nothing. I had to re do and or update the firmware and finally it’s working again. Stupid, but that’s tech gadgets eh?

CD of the Day 12

My picks from this CD are:

CD of the Day 10

My top picks from this CD are:

CD of the Day 08

My top picks for this CD are: Satellite radio,Day’s Aren’t Long Enough, and Tennessee Blues

CD of the Day 07

My picks from this CD are: Let You Loss Be Your Lesson, Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)

Overall this CD is a little to slow and mellow for my tastes. I rate it 2/10.

CD of the Day 06


My picks from this CD are The Long Way Around, Not Ready To Make Nice, Everybody Knows, and I Like It.