Zune 2 Near You

Walt Mossberg and the New Zune:
My take on Zune 2? A lot of positive reports coming in about the 2nd generation Zunes, of course no one is saying they are on par with an iPod . . . yet. Personally, I think by 3rd and 4th generation Zune will have com along way. Look back at 1st and 2nd generation iPod’s, nothing like today’s and neither will today’s Zune’s be anythin like a Zune 5 years from now. At least the Zune now has podcast support.


Radiohead Fans, 62% Paid Nothing

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“Just 38 percent of Radiohead fans paid for the latest album, according to data recently supplied by comScore. The band allowed fans to name their price for the downloadable release, In Rainbows, a closely-watched experiment. While most fans grabbed the album for nothing, a significant percentage paid modest amounts. According to the data, 17 percent paid an average of $4 for the album, while 12 percent paid between $8 and $12.”

CD of the Day 12

My picks from this CD are:

Gadget of the Day 09

Available from Hammacher. “belt-driven turntable that converts and saves your prized vinyl LPs to MP3 format directly to a 5th Generation iPod┬« or 2nd Generation Nano┬« connected to its built-in dock.”

It currently sells for $259.95 USD. If you have a lot of records you wan to convvert to digital quickly I don’t think I can think of a easier way to do it.

Zune Insider Free Music Friday Link

Friday Oct. 26, 2007 Zune Free Music Friday

Gadget of the Day 03

Not your average iPod add on. It’s “Hello Kitty” all the way from Japan. The only place you can find this in Canada or the U.S.A. is probably on the secondary market like eBay but if you have a 12 year old daughter or the likes it may be their dream MP3 player.

Hello Kitty

More Tax On Legal Canadian Downloads


“The tariffs, to be charged to iTunes and other companies that distribute music over the Internet, adds three cents to the cost of individual songs that now sell for about 99 cents, and 1.5 cents per track for downloaded albums.”

“For temporary music sales, such as songs that erase themselves after a pre-determined period, stores will pay 5.7% of the selling price, with a minimum of 54.8 cents per subscriber per month.”

I am not going to cancel my iMesh subscription any time soon but I do have Frostwire installed on my computer.

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