Canadian Music Chain Closes

ET Canada

“Music World, the last Canadian-owned national music store chain, is under bankruptcy protection and will close its stores, the latest victim of a rapidly changing music business.

But the move does not signal the end for the company, said Music World president Kai Voigt in a telephone interview with CanWest News Service.

There will be a change in direction, said Voigt, one of the new owners, indicating that there will be a shift toward more of an online presence. “That is a component.””


Gadget of the Day 15


“Optimal Media Production’s vinyl/CD hybrid, which is just like a normal CD except that on the top, it has vinyl grooves etched in. Place a VinylDisc on your turntable, drop the needle at the start of the track, and you’ll hear up to 3.5 minutes of music at 33 RPM.”

CD of the Day 13

My top picks for this CD are:

YouTube Video of the Day 07

CD of the Day 06


My picks from this CD are The Long Way Around, Not Ready To Make Nice, Everybody Knows, and I Like It.

Band Practice

We have not gotten together to practice all summer and hopefully tonight we can get the band together to play. We play country/pop/rock. All cover songs. Hopefully we will get a few pictures up tomorrow.

More Tax On Legal Canadian Downloads


“The tariffs, to be charged to iTunes and other companies that distribute music over the Internet, adds three cents to the cost of individual songs that now sell for about 99 cents, and 1.5 cents per track for downloaded albums.”

“For temporary music sales, such as songs that erase themselves after a pre-determined period, stores will pay 5.7% of the selling price, with a minimum of 54.8 cents per subscriber per month.”

I am not going to cancel my iMesh subscription any time soon but I do have Frostwire installed on my computer.

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