Zune 2 Near You

Walt Mossberg and the New Zune:
My take on Zune 2? A lot of positive reports coming in about the 2nd generation Zunes, of course no one is saying they are on par with an iPod . . . yet. Personally, I think by 3rd and 4th generation Zune will have com along way. Look back at 1st and 2nd generation iPod’s, nothing like today’s and neither will today’s Zune’s be anythin like a Zune 5 years from now. At least the Zune now has podcast support.


Best Podcast 2007 Weblog Awards

Weblog Awards

TWiT WON! This Week In Tech with Leo Laporte and friends has won for 2007! Congrats to Leo and all the guys!

Word From Dick

I emailed Dick DeBartolo from theĀ  Daily Giz Whiz with a suggestion for a gadget, never thinking he would write back anyway, but he did! Of course, they already covered it but I will keep looking for gadgets and next time, do a DGW search before I send him a suggestion. Anyway here is a link to his site, Daily Giz Wiz. Below is his email reply.

Hi David:

Yep, we know about it. Did it in July.


Thanks for writing.

Dick De

While I was posting this Dick already sent me another email reply! Nice chatting to you Dick.

A guy in Poland named Ludwick came up with an amazing program to find anything on the Daily GizWiz.

It’s on the opening of my website www.gizwiz.biz under helpful ways to find things on the DGW.

Take care
Dick De

Library Day

Both the photocopier at work and the laser printer are on the fritz. Big fun! At least I’m not checking books in by hand. I am listening to The Tech Guy ep. 396 right now.

Leo Laporte