Cute Cat of the Day 10 Update

I am getting a lot of traffic off of the Cute Cat of the Day 10 post. Yesterday that photo got 66 views and so far today 53. Where is it being linked into that it’s getting way more traffic than the rest of the posts get? I have no idea.


Stevie Ray Vaughn “Lenny” Stratocaster Update

More on the Stevie Ray Vaughn “Lenny” Stratocaster. The PDF file on the Fender site is here. Gearwire has an article here.

Some highlights from “Stevie saw the original “Lenny” at a pawn shop before it had a name, and before SRV’s name was well known. With his birthday approaching, his wife Lenora and several friends pooled together their money in order to buy Stevie this strat for his birthday.

When SRV received the guitar, he stayed up all night playing and writing on it – coming up with a song called “Lenny” named after his wife Lenora. Since the first time he played the song for her the next morning, SRV brought the “Lenny” guitar on tour with him everywhere, breaking it out for every performance of the song.”

Firefox 3 Is Right Around The Corner!


“With the release of the much anticipated Firefox 3 looming just around the corner, we got our hands on the latest beta build of your favorite browser to get a closer look at exactly what changes and exciting new features you can expect from the upcoming release of the ‘fox. From a snazzy design update and stability improvements to smart folders and bookmark tagging, you won’t be disappointed with what you’re getting.”