This has been a great blog but it has reached the end of the road! It will now live on as an archive only! Thanks for all the page views to all who dropped by. I hope to see you on my new project which will start up very soon! Bye until then, David B.

Until I start a new project here are my links!


Long Weekend, No Posts Until Monday

I am taking the weekend off until Monday morning. Bye.

Thank You For the Spam Catcher!

I was looking through the blocked spam comments. it’s soooooooo nice most of that crap goes right into the spam folder and never shows up in the comments. It’s pretty darn good at the amount it catches and or blocks!

Cute Cat of the Day 10 Update

I am getting a lot of traffic off of the Cute Cat of the Day 10 post. Yesterday that photo got 66 views and so far today 53. Where is it being linked into that it’s getting way more traffic than the rest of the posts get? I have no idea.

Pownce Invites?

I have 24 invites. Anyone need one? ddbann [at]

Baby Kitten Watch Day 02

Picks has hit 63 days as of yesterday and we are on the watch for the baby kittens. She looks huge so it should be soon. As soon as we can pics of our own cute kittens will be posted.

The Wind Blows

There was no paper yesterday to deliver. Back to it today. It’s not as snowy as it could be for November 13, bu the wind sure does blow out there. I am already sneezing. I better pop some Vitamin C.