Time Says iPhone Invention of Year

Source: Time.com


1. The iPhone is pretty
2. It’s touchy-feely
3. It will make other phones better
4. It’s not a phone, it’s a platform
5. It is but the ghost of iPhones yet to come


Time For Winter Golf

Now that the golf season is officially over, (it’s way to cold for real golf in Saskatchewan) I am back to trying to drive and putt my way through Tiger Woods 2007, hopefully I can have a virtual winning season before the 2008 version of the games gets released. Halo 3 is not my style, golf is!

Photo of the Day 05

Forthcoming Canadian Copyright Bill

Source: Micheal Geist

“No big surprises here – the bill is coming, it may be Industry rather than Heritage that leads, the bill will include DMCA-style provisions (the “legal measures for rights holders”), ISPs will get their safe harbour, and the government may try to curry favour with the provinces with an Internet exception for education. The inclusion of consumer interests is noteworthy – I’ve argued that the government must surely include a strong consumer package to generate popular support for the bill and this is the first indication that the bill might include such provisions.”

Micheal Geist

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