Photo of the Day 08

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Gadget of the Day 06

Don’t be left in the dark anymore! For those who wear glasses, like myself, these are handy gadgets indeed. Lightweight and bright long lasting LED lights mounted to each side of your glasses arms, now you get stay up late or get up early and not bother other’s who are still sleeping. Lot’s of practical applications. Hands free light source. Click here to buy.

CD of the Day 06


My picks from this CD are The Long Way Around, Not Ready To Make Nice, Everybody Knows, and I Like It.

You Tube Video of the Day 06

Scary situation. That’s why I don’t jump out of airplanes unless the plane is about to crash. I have never done it yet, hopefully I never will.

Cute Cat of the Day 02

lolcats and funny pictures

CD of the Day 05

Gadget of the Day 04

Need a unique wrist rest for your keyboard? Don’t be surprised if someone tries to sneak a quick bite when your not there! Made out of cushioning cell foam it is very realistic. Click here for more.