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MXTabs Inches Closer!

Source: MX Tabs Blog

“October 26th, 2007

As I previously posted, things are starting to come together for the new MXTabs. We’ve gotten a few more publishers to sign on to the project (expect official announcements in the coming weeks), and we’re wiring things up. The biggest part of the project right now is getting the new MX server online. We’re upgrading systems and have a brand new box that the site new site is being built on. This way once we’re up and running we should have a much better ability to handle traffic and some of the more complicated processes that go with a legitimate, licensed site (tracking of copyright, etc.).

Anyway, things are still moving forward. As long as our offices don’t burn down, you should be seeing something soon. We’ll keep you posted.”

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Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Stratocaster

For $17, 000 USD you will be able to buy a limited edition “Lenny” Stratocaster from a Guitar Center location near you. The Fender Custom Shop will be replicating the original “Lenny” down to the smallest detail in tribute of SRV.

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