CD of the Day 07

My picks from this CD are: Let You Loss Be Your Lesson, Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)

Overall this CD is a little to slow and mellow for my tastes. I rate it 2/10.


More Tax On Legal Canadian Downloads


“The tariffs, to be charged to iTunes and other companies that distribute music over the Internet, adds three cents to the cost of individual songs that now sell for about 99 cents, and 1.5 cents per track for downloaded albums.”

“For temporary music sales, such as songs that erase themselves after a pre-determined period, stores will pay 5.7% of the selling price, with a minimum of 54.8 cents per subscriber per month.”

I am not going to cancel my iMesh subscription any time soon but I do have Frostwire installed on my computer.

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Radiohead Numbers

Reports vary somewhat on the results of the Radiohead “name your own price” experiment. The Seminal offers that Radiohead sold about $10 million-worth of downloads, and that the average price paid per album was anywhere from $6-$8 resulting in revenue anywhere from $6-10 Million dollars. However many people still got the downloads from P2P and or BitTorrent, preferring not to regester and or use a credit card for the nominal credit card transaction fee, ( the c.c. fee was charged even if you set your price to free.)

Radiohead is not officially disclosing numbers.