Ok, I Did Some Work

Yeah I got some house cleaning did yesterday. The bedroom and most of the living room. I don’t work until 1 PM today so I have time for more cleaning. After I deliver the newspapers in the morning, yes winter is going to be cold and I will hate it, I have 5-6 hours off until I work again in the afternoon. Hey, here is another photo I just like. Bye!

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Library Day

Hmmm… I should be cleaning today. I work at the library today in 3 hours. Someone is dropping of some garage sale posters for me to type up this morning. Our new door step is half done. Tomorrow they will finish the railing. Then we will have to ask the landlady for some paint to paint it. She is the one paying for it. Anyway…here’s a random photo I like. Bye!

Pick of the Day!

I am going to be posting a You Tube video, a gadget , a photo and a CD of the day. These features will usually run Mon-Friday only.