Stevie Ray Vaughn “Lenny” Stratocaster Update

More on the Stevie Ray Vaughn “Lenny” Stratocaster. The PDF file on the Fender site is here. Gearwire has an article here.

Some highlights from “Stevie saw the original “Lenny” at a pawn shop before it had a name, and before SRV’s name was well known. With his birthday approaching, his wife Lenora and several friends pooled together their money in order to buy Stevie this strat for his birthday.

When SRV received the guitar, he stayed up all night playing and writing on it – coming up with a song called “Lenny” named after his wife Lenora. Since the first time he played the song for her the next morning, SRV brought the “Lenny” guitar on tour with him everywhere, breaking it out for every performance of the song.”


Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Stratocaster

For $17, 000 USD you will be able to buy a limited edition “Lenny” Stratocaster from a Guitar Center location near you. The Fender Custom Shop will be replicating the original “Lenny” down to the smallest detail in tribute of SRV.

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