Top Ten Online Flash Games

Source: crave.cnet

Bejeweled, Chimgam, Bow Man, Desktop Tower Defense, Neopets Hasee Bounce, Line Rider, The Last Stand, Portal, The Helicopter Game and YetiSports.

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eMusic Update

Ok, I have picked 40 songs. Of course, I knew eMusic is a lot of indie stuff, but I did pick 40 songs from 2 artists I happen to like a lot. Barenaked Ladies and Dwight Yoakum. Here is the 40 songs I snagged for free. Thank you eMusic and DLTV.

eMusic Experiment

I am giving the emusic free trial a go. They offer 25 free MP3’s to keep even if you cancel before the trial ends. Since I used the promo code DLTV I get 40 to pick from. I will update you on what I think. I will be comparing emusic’s subscription buy plan with iMesh’s subscription rental plan.emusic/DLTV